Noramble | Wize - When Social Media Meets Cars


Wize is a YouTube channel and Instagram account run by Swiss entrepreneur William Zefferino. With over 20,000 subscribers, 18M views on YouTube, and over 6,000 followers on Instagram, the Wize brand is growing fast. The social accounts mainly focus on the Audi niche, posting images and reviews of their products.

The challenge

With the Wize account growing and an audience falling in love with the content, William knew he could take this to the next level and earn revenue. He also knew that he had to have an identity and brand himself for anyone to take him seriously and build authority with brands.

Our process

William tasked us with crafting a new logo for the Wize social accounts. We did some in-depth research into the brands that Wize was sharing, including Audi and BMW. We then researched the personas of the people that interacted with those brands to find what they loved most about them. This research shaped the process and direction of the project.

We created a structured monogram logo with a red accent. We used red as a homage to the Audi and BWM sports colours.

We made the logo striking and bold to coordinate with the brands that Wize is sharing and make a significant impact on cutting through the noise in the motoring industry.


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