Having a business is exciting and empowering. It grants somewhat freedom in many aspects of life. However, for a company to survive and thrive, it needs one thing — customers.

No matter the industry your business operates in. It doesn’t matter if your business to business or business to customer. Ultimately every company sells to people, and those we sell to make a business a success.

So, how do you attract people to your business? How do you turn those people into customers?

Well, there a few things you can implement in your business to give it a fighting chance at success.

  • A great user-friendly website

In today’s digital world, you need a website of some capacity. According to Weebly, 56% of the consumers surveyed said they don’t trust a business without a website. Now, it’s one thing to have a website that is functioning. It’s a different ball-game to have a website that speaks to your audience through user experience and user interface. A great website will direct your customers through your brand story to connect to them emotionally.

  • Internal branding that resonates

If you take your business seriously, then Internal branding is essential. Defining your internal branding includes aspects such as; vision, values, promise, mission and purpose. Knowing what you stand for and why you stand for that purpose can be so powerful. Let’s look at The Body Shop; for example; they sell organic beauty products. However, they have a huge mission to end all animal cruelty in the world, this speaks to their customers and has enabled them to build a huge fan base that connects to the brand on a deeper level than just bath bombs and moisturisers.

  • A brand identity that communicates your internal branding

Your brand identity is much more than your logo, while it plays a critical part of your identity; there is much more to it. Once you have defined your internal branding, you need to communicate this to your desired audience. Your identity should include aspects such as; logo, colours, brand personality, copywriting, tone of voice and much more. Being able to communicate your brand story through your identity to the correct peoples is what will attract those customers to your business.