Noramble | Fine & Fettle - A Start-Up Health Kick


With the world getting busier and busier, Fine & Fettle is a start-up health brand that focuses on people on the go. With tasty, bite-sized snacks, Fine & Fettle is a healthy alternative to chocolate and crisps.

The challenge

Fine & Fettle is a start-up brand that needs guidance and a bold brand strategy to compete in the vast health food industry. With their high-priced position, we needed to create a brand strategy representing this.

Our process

Fine & Fettle approached us to create a brand identity and strategy. We were tasked with crafting the brand messaging and identity, coming up with a name, building the packaging and much more. We started by running some workshops and gathering information about the type of customers the business was trying to reach.

We gained a complete understanding of the direction of the business. Then, we set out to create a sophisticated brand message and a visual ecosystem that hinges on bold colours to differentiate the various foods available.


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