Noramble | Cane - Bamboo Toothbrush Branding and Packaging


The challenge

Approximately 1 billion plastic toothbrushes are thrown out yearly in the United States alone – about three brushes per person. Those 1-billion plastic toothbrushes add up significantly, totalling nearly 50 million pounds of plastic waste being added to landfills yearly.

Understanding the impact this has on the world’s environment and having the drive to make a change; Seeing an opportunity to tackle the problem, Cane came to Noramble with a bamboo toothbrush product that is environmentally friendly. They just needed an instantly recognisable worldwide brand to make the impact necessary.

The solution

With a solid brand position and strategy, our first requirement was to create a name for the start-up. The Noramble team came up with “Cane”, which is a direct link to the main benefit of the bamboo toothbrush.

We then set out to build a bold identity system, including logo, packaging and brand assets.

Given the simplicity of the brand mission, we kept to this vision when creating the identity. The team paired a simple logo with a bold colour pallet to catch the attention and hearts of its users.

Furthermore, the packaging is simplistic in its design, with a bold illustration of the product taking centre stage on the front, allowing instant recognisability on a shelf or online.


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