Noramble | Android Homme - Back To Basics Advertising


Bold. Detailed. Inspired. Android Homme is a luxury fashion brand represented in some of the world’s most premium retailers. Conceptualised in Los Angeles and produced in Portugal, Android Homme footwear is thoughtfully constructed using opulent fabrics and equipoised proportions to achieve a highly defined aesthetic.

The challenge

Android Homme has gone from strength nationally to strength worldwide. The brand was keen to make an impact in the UK. Android Homme wanted to create an ad campaign that represented who they are as a brand and increases sales.

Our process

We immersed ourselves in the Android Homme brand, making sure we completely understood the already established Android Homme brand messaging and aesthetic. We created a clean, simple and effective billboard campaign that went up around major UK cities, including Manchester and London.

The campaign was a success for the brand, catapulting Android Homme into the public eye and in turn, building their brand awareness for the future. The trainer featured in the campaign sold out entirely within two days of launch.


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